Entry page of the AlgaTerra database
AlgaTerra    Information System on terrestrial and limnic Micro Algae
Synthesizing taxonomic, molecular and ecological information
Scope: Besides names of algae the AlgaTerra Information System is offering evaluated information on their synonyms and their concepts. In addition, it is providing taxonomic, molecular and ecological data of mainly non-marine micro algae. The focus of this pilot version is on type collections - mainly Ehrenberg, Hustedt und Lange-Bertalot - and living reference collections, therefore linking historical information to modern research. Since morphology and identity of micro algae depend on their visualization many pictures are included.

Pictures and videos show our current concept of a specific organism (taxon) and give you an impression on the biodiversity and beauty of micro algae.

Scientific names are the key to data of taxa.

Types calibrate the names and many are illustrated here.

Morphology is descriptive information on the characteristics of micro algae.

Molecular data is fingerprinting the identity of an organism and is the basis for phylogenetic research.

Ecology here is mainly descriptive information on the habitat of an identified alga.

Abstracts are included in a bibliography on aero-terrestrial algae.

The concept of AlgaTerra is described in detail on our project page.
The AlgaTerra database is based on the Berlin Model.

AlgaTerra is maintained by the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, FU Berlin, Germany.
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